Heaven Contracting Discuss the Perils of DIY Tree Cutting

Saturday 1 January 2022, 4:23AM
By Beckie Wright

Heaven Contracting recently posted an article on cutting down trees yourself, pointing out the risks of DIY tree cutting. They went on to say that tree removal shouldn’t be taken lightly, whether the reason is disease, positioning or instability. Apart from the sheer effort involved in removing trees on your own, there are also significant risks for safety and structural damage. 

Unless there is a safety concern, Heaven Contracting encourage their clients in the Auckland area to enlist their tree pruning and tree trimming service, instead of organising a complete tree removal, explaining that safety always takes precedence when a dead, overhanging or unstable tree poses the risk of falling on properties, cars or public places. 

Heaven Contracting clarify several factors which should be considered before deciding whether to DIY or enlist the help of an Auckland arborist, beginning with safety. Their number one priority is safety, so they implement the strictest safety procedures and protective equipment, taking additional measures when working at heights. 

Working at heights requires a specific licence due to the extensive planning that goes into these projects. Risk management factors need to be assessed thoroughly before leaving the ground. Depending on the height and accessibility of the tree, this can be a major deciding factor on whether it is feasible to remove it on your own or through a local arborist.  

By utilising professional-grade equipment, Heaven Contracting ensure the tree is cut quickly and effortlessly, minimising the time and risks involved and, depending on the size of the tree, it may be necessary to use support ropes to control the force and direction that the tree will fall. Regardless of size, if the tree has any chance of falling in the slightest proximity to a structure or car, they would advise using an experienced and confident professional. 

Without experience and knowledge, you may end up doing more harm than good, whether you are removing the entire tree or simply the trunk. Poor technique may cause regrowth if the roots and stump aren’t removed perfectly,  so with this in mind, please take a moment to find out more about cutting down trees and tree removal by visiting the website at .