Improving Your Site's Ranking

Monday 24 January 2022, 3:34PM
By Premium SEO NZ

Have you ever wondered where your website's traffic comes from? It results from your site's ranking in search engines. So, if you depend on clients to locate you through Google search, you should prioritize Search Engine Optimization. This article briefly gives suggestions for improving your website's ranking through SEO. 

Publish relevant content

The content should be relevant and authoritative. And nothing can substitute great content, especially when doing SEO NZ marketing. So, start by identifying and targeting specific keyword phrases for every authoritative content page. You have to figure out and use the keywords and phrases that your reader might use while searching your page's content. When placing these keywords in your content, make them flow naturally in a user-friendly manner. Plus, remember to repeat the keyword phrases multiple times throughout the content.

Maintain a regular update

Search engines view regularly updated content as an indicator of a site's relevancy. Also, ensure the content is fresh and remember to audit it on a set schedule to make updates when necessary. 


During your website's design process, every page features spaces between the <head> tags. The spaces are for inserting metadata or other information about the page's content. Although your web designer will have pre-populated this information for you, your site's ranking will be high if you review and update the metadata with time. These metadata include title metadata, description metadata, and keyword metadata. 

Ensure your site is link-worthy 

Is your webpage authoritative, content-rich, and unbiased? Is it helping readers learn much about what they are searching for? If yes, it is highly possible to attract links from other websites. This process improves your site's SEO which then enhances its ranking. Add relevant links within your text and avoid using "click here" links. Instead, try typing the destination's name. Always incorporate descriptive links into the text by linking keywords. 


There are many techniques for boosting your website's ranking, but the above four are the most essential. For instance, you can also use alt tags or alternative text descriptions to describe your video or image media.