Is A Heat Pump Right For Your Home?

Tuesday 25 January 2022, 3:42PM
By Premium SEO NZ


Heat pump systems are very different from more traditional combustion heating systems. A combustion furnace burns fuel, such as wood or natural gas, to produce heat. A heat pump system doesn't need fuel because the system is designed to transfer heat instead of creating it. Heat pumps in Hamilton pulls heat from the environment, which is much more efficient than combustion heating systems.

Heating and Cooling

The innovative design of heat pump systems let them function as air conditioners by reversing the heating process. Instead of absorbing heat from the outdoor air, the pump draws heat from air inside the house and releases it into the air or ground outside the house. You can easily adjust interior temperatures in response to fluctuating weather conditions in Hamilton, NZ. 

Climate Friendly

Air-sourced heat pumps are the most common type. The pump absorbs heat from outdoor air and releases it inside the house. Early air-sourced systems weren't popular in places with cool climates, but the technology has advanced so much that air-sourced pumps can heat homes during cold northern winters. However, heat pumps are also very well-suited to New Zealand's climate and maintain 30-50 percent humidity for additional comfort. 

Energy Efficiency

Geothermal heat pumps are some of the most energy efficient heating systems available. Heat is drawn directly from the ground or a water source, A geothermal system may reduce household energy use by 30-60 percent. Although a geothermal pump may have a higher price tag, the operating costs are minimal due to stable and consistent  ground or water temperatures. 

Heat pump systems are available in several configurations to easily replace existing HVAC equipment. Many traditional furnaces force heated air through ductwork, while electric HVAC systems may be ductless.