Choosing the Best Dosing Pump

Tuesday 25 January 2022, 4:07PM
By Premium SEO NZ

Hydraulic dosing pumps are crucial to many operations. They administer a precise amount of chemicals or minerals into pressurized water lines, often in cases where a slight variance could be catastrophic. This can include irrigation, livestock watering, industrial manufacturing, and more. It's critical to consider several factors when choosing this important piece of equipment.

Media Properties

One of the most important things to consider is the chemical or mineral the dosing pump will administer. Properties such as viscosity, particle matter size, vapor pressure, and temperature can determine the best type of pump. The corrosiveness and abrasiveness of the fluid will dictate the material, as it needs to be able to hold up to extended use without being damaged.


Different uses require different performance from dosing pumps. Flow rate, capacity, and suction are some of the factors to consider. They may influence the size and type of pump that you need. High- and low-pressure functions necessitate separate equipment. Some applications call for the most advanced features while others only require a basic pump. It's more cost-effective and easier to operate a pump that only does what you need rather than one with all the latest features.

Pump Location

Pumps come rated for different levels of environmental exposure. For example, some can handle exposure to water while others can't. The area where the pump will sit can influence what rating they need. However, most dosing pumps aren't suited for exposure to direct sun and the elements. If it will be outside, you should consider housing or other protection for it.

Taking the time to consider these factors is important when selecting such an integral piece of equipment. While looking for dosing pumps NZ, compare all of the features with the application you'll be using it for.