There's Something Special About Traditional Roses For Valentine's Day

Wednesday 26 January 2022, 5:52PM
By Premium SEO NZ


Valentine’s Day seems to be a rather polarising celebration, with some couples and individuals really making the most of the day and others chalking it up to a marketing ploy and refusing to put ‘pressure’ on expressions of love associated with a single day. But whatever your personal beliefs around the holiday, its traditions are rooted in some marvellous human myth and legend that makes it a mainstay on the celebrations calendar.

There are different versions of the Valentine’s Day origin story, but most follow a similar plot about a real Saint Valentine, a priest who conducted secret marriages for Roman soldiers and their sweethearts at a time when the emperor had decreed that soldiers were not allowed to marry. Legend has it that the saint was executed because he refused to stop performing the ceremonies. His dedication to the endurance of love to the point of spilling blood has been celebrated ever since, with red roses becoming the preferred symbol. Other versions state that roses are given because Romans believed them to be Venus the goddess of love’s favourite flower. And still others link roses to the Greek’s goddess of love, Aphrodite.

Whatever the case, there’s a beautiful and long tradition of giving roses to the person you love on Valentine’s Day. Although many couples these days opt to give different kinds of gifts, including teddies, balloons, chocolates, and jewellery, roses continue to be one of the most popular gifts for this day. Other flowers are also growing in popularity, such as red tulips, lilies, and carnations.

Whatever your preference, if you’d like to continue this lovely tradition of flower-giving for Valentine’s Day, be sure to order from a Christchurch florist with same day delivery, to ensure that your significant other receives the freshest symbol of your love.