Ask Bartercard Explain Retargeting After the Holiday Season is Over

Tuesday 1 February 2022, 3:18AM
By Beckie Wright

What is retargeting? "Retargeting" and "remarketing" are pretty similar, as they are both meant to achieve the same goals: Target audiences who already visited your site and are aware of your brand: Engage and target people who are most likely to make a purchase. Put more simply, retargeting is a digital customer acquisition strategy that re-attracts website visitors.  So how does it work? 

Retargeting is a concept that puts adverts in front of consumers who’ve already interacted with your brand, and its purpose is to put your brand in front of consumers multiple times to sway their purchasing decisions. It is one of the most effective ways of getting new customers to your business. 

Every business wants to persuade visitors to purchase from them, and through retargeting, you can re-attract the visitors who didn’t take the initial action you wanted. So, when a visitor clicks on a product they are interested in on your website, and then leaves, retargeting will create ads of the product that will follow them around the web.   

This means they may see it on social media, on other websites or as an ad on a game. Once they’ve seen the ad enough times and click on it, it will take them straight back to the page where they can complete the action you want, i.e., making a purchase. 

You can choose social media or web targeting which includes the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google AdWords, or third-party sites such as AdRoll, Retargeter, Rubicon Project, Perfect Audience and ActionX.  Social media platforms and Google AdWords have the capacity to target leads based on emails that you collect as a business and during the normal course of the day.  You can also create a list from leads sourced through marketing and opt-in leads, which are giving you direct permission to market to them via email. 

So, start off the new year the way you intend to finish it, by retargeting and remarketing, to keep you front and centre of your potential customers’ purchasing decisions.  You could also consider using Bartercard to attract new customers. For more information on what is Bartercard  and where can I spend my Bartercard dollars, please go to .