Think you can't dance? Think again!

Wednesday 23 February 2022, 2:04AM

By Premium SEO NZ


Dancing has always been a popular activity and forms part of many social engagements. But despite its commonality, many people still find it a daunting prospect to take to the dancefloor. Even with all the known benefits that dancing can add to your life, including improved overall physical, mental, and emotional health, it can still be difficult to get over the fear of dancing in public.

Much of this fear stems from feeling awkward or worrying about being judged. It can also come from the false belief that you “can’t dance”. While it may be true that you struggle with rhythm or might not know specific steps, it’s totally possible to learn these skills with time, patience, and practice. It’s even possible to learn how to dance if you have some kind of disability.

The reality is that of the many fitness activities available, dancing is one of the most beginner-friendly. You generally don’t need a lot of special equipment to get going, and most studios offer classes even for absolute novices. In fact, beginner’s salsa in Sydney is especially popular thanks to the ease of the dance form itself, as well as how little is necessary to get started – you don’t even need a partner!

If you think you can’t dance, you may just need to give yourself a break. Dancing isn’t about being perfect, it’s about having fun and expressing yourself. All new dancers feel self-conscious, but getting started means you’ve already won half the battle. It won’t take long for your confidence to grow. Practicing in a safe, private setting, or in a class with people at a similar level as you, can also help boost your skills and competence. And think of all the fun you’ll have showing off your moves when the next opportunity arises to dance it public!