Confused about what to wear to a salsa social? Here are some ideas

Monday 7 March 2022, 9:06PM

By Premium SEO NZ


So, you’ve been taking some salsa dance lessons and now you want to show off your skills at a local social? That’s great! Salsa socials are where it’s at for anyone looking to improve their skills, learn new moves, meet new people, have fun, and embrace the salsa lifestyle. They’re also the best place to challenge yourself by dancing with partners of different ability levels. 

What newbies to the social scene sometimes worry about, though, is what to wear. When dancing at a studio or taking a lesson online at home, it’s easy enough to just dance in your gym clothes or whatever you wore to work that day. At most, you might change your shoes before class. But a social is different. It’s where you’ll be seen. And salsa culture is as much about the dance form itself as it is about its eclecticism, its clothing, and its ‘spice’. 

Rest assured, though, you’ll have something in your wardrobe that’s suitable. The fundamentals remain the same for socials as for formal lessons – you want a good pair of dance shoes that you can wear for a long time without your feet getting sore, that don’t slip too much on the floor, and that you won’t slip out of. You also want to be comfortable, although you might want to dress up a bit more than you would for your classes – put on some make up, spray on some cologne, and do your hair nicely. 

In terms of actual clothing, leggings, midi skirts, salsa dresses, halter tops, and blouses are all great options for the ladies. Men can wear jeans, dress slacks, nice t-shirts, or button-up shirts. The main thing to remember is: Don’t let your clothes get in the way of your having fun.