New online resource simplifies buying cryptocurrency for Kiwis

Wednesday 11 May 2022, 9:34PM
By Banked NZ

Banked has published a new guide that demystifies how to buy and store cryptocurrency for people living in New Zealand.

The latest guide from the personal finance information and deals website takes a comprehensive but accessible look at how cryptocurrency works, what to think about before considering an investment, and answers some of the critical questions Kiwis new to the topic often have.

Addressing the topic from a specifically NZ viewpoint, the guide explores the difference between crypto exchanges and brokers, how private and public keys work, and how cryptocurrencies are regulated in New Zealand.

The resource is also clear to highlight the risks involved in investing in the trending asset. Digital currencies are highly volatile by nature and it’s just as easy to lose money investing as it is to be successful, warns Banked. Any potential investor must be fully informed of the risk of buying into a cryptocurrency, especially when it comes to large sums.

Cryptocurrency can be a confusing and complex topic, but the new resource aims to provide all the information Kiwis need to make an informed decision about cryptocurrency investing. It also breaks down the steps needed to buy cryptocurrency and the various ways that a cryptocurrency can be stored.

The guide is part of Banked’s new series on cryptocurrency that includes a more in-depth guide on cryptocurrency wallets and storage options and how to buy well-known cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano.

The complete guide, How to buy and store cryptocurrency in New Zealand, can be found on the Banked website.