Decade Trend: Say Goodbye To The All White Kitchen

Wednesday 11 May 2022, 11:20PM

By Premium SEO NZ



The kitchen is by all accounts the heart of the home. Yet, the 2010s saw kitchens become cold and almost clinical in their monotone whiteness and limited use of differing materials, which led to the smooth, glossy finishes and minimalist lines that dominated that previous decade.

There was of course a reason for this particular design trend, as an all-white kitchen always presents as clean, crisp, and functional. But as we move further into the 2020s, kitchen design predictions are that the all-white aesthetic will fade further and further into the background as people in Christchurch once again attempt to capture the essence and warmth of what a kitchen has always been.

For those looking to update their kitchens and move away from the all-white aesthetic, there are a
few key trends that are currently dominating the Christchurch market. One of the primary trends is
the increased use of warm woods, natural stone, and neutral tones like beige. Many homeowners
are also embracing more natural or even dramatic colours for their cabinetry, including black and
various shades of blues, reds, and greens. Then there’s the inclusion of varied materials, from glass display cases and metallic finishes to marble countertops and vinyl flooring. A further trend in kitchen installation in Christchurch is sustainability and the efficient use of space, with kitchen sizes decreasing and the use of reclaimed materials increasing.

It is unlikely that the all-white kitchen will fully vanish, but the movement towards natural and mixed materials, richer colours, and detailed textures speaks to what homeowners are desiring in this current decade – warmth, ‘hominess’, and comfort. In place of sterile white, kitchens in this present decade are going to be both functional and inviting – a harkening back to the heart of the home that kitchens have always been.