Buying High-Quality Furniture Is Good Sustainable Practice

Wednesday 18 May 2022, 6:36PM
By Premium SEO NZ


It is almost impossible to find an industry where sustainability isn’t a concern. As consumers become increasingly aware of companies’ social responsibility, supply chain processes, and the need to shop with the environment and ethics in mind, businesses across sectors are having to improve their practices in order to remain relevant. This is especially true for the furniture sector.
While fast furniture remains popular, as it enables households with small budgets to acquire
fashionable items at a fraction of the cost of luxury brands, an increasing number of Auckland locals are seeking alternatives to fast furniture in a bid to decorate their homes in a more socially
conscious and environmentally friendly way.

To that end, some sustainable furniture consumer trends that are sweeping the city include
antiquing, purchasing and then refurbishing higher-quality second-hand items, and recycling or
upcycling certain materials gleaned from otherwise fast furniture items. Another sustainable
practice is investing in higher-end products from the outset.

Some key elements in furniture sustainability are durability and duration. Fast furniture has a
relatively short lifespan. While using lower-quality materials makes for a more affordable piece
upfront, most fast furniture items must be replaced every 5-10 years. By comparison, furniture items made from ethically sourced, high-quality materials can last generations. Indeed, designer furniture in Auckland may come with a heftier initial price tag, but these items more than pay for themselves both in respect to quality and longevity in the long-term.

Higher-end items are also less likely to go out of style, which means that the pieces themselves
won’t need to be replaced in order to stay on trend. Rather, a change in smaller elements, such as scatter cushions and wall paint colour will be sufficient.

Both in terms of finances and the environment, purchasing quality designer furniture will always be the more sustainable choice.