Want Your Podcast To Stand Out? Make It Professional And Relevant

Wednesday 18 May 2022, 6:44PM
By Premium SEO NZ


It used to be that podcasts were a fringe form of entertainment, consumed by a minority of people
interested in sometimes rather obscure subject matter. Nowadays, however, creatives and business entities alike are all competing for listeners, with those offering the most engaging, entertaining, and informative content within their genre gaining the upper hand.

Due to the nature of podcasts and their open access, it can be difficult for local creators to compete with big-name, international counterparts. There are, therefore, a few key areas to focus on in order to stand out in this saturated market – most notably: content and quality.

Knowing your audience and providing relevant content on a consistent basis can really bolster
listenership. Regardless of whether your podcast is meant to be educational, news-based, or purely for entertainment, the goal should always be consistency and clarity. When consumers know what to expect from your content, they’ll be far more likely to tune in and recommend your show to others.

But it doesn’t matter how interesting your content is if your production quality is bad. If you can’t
find a quiet place to record, a good option would be to consider renting a podcast studio in Auckland that’s not only soundproof but already equipped with everything necessary to make your final product sound great. If you prefer recording at home, invest in a high-quality microphone and
software that lets you edit your audio. Round out your podcast with an intro and outro, and pay
attention to atmospheric sounds, music, and guest audio quality to provide listeners with an all-
around great listening experience.

For anyone looking to make their podcast stand out in an incredibly competitive market, taking the
time and effort to do audience research and invest in decent equipment will mean half the battle’s
already won.