Dunedin's IT Growth Great For Other Sectors

Friday 27 May 2022, 2:07PM
By Premium SEO NZ


Dunedin is fast becoming known as the Silicon Valley of the Southern Hemisphere, thanks to the exponential growth seen in its tech sector. With a strong research component, due to the significant role that the University of Otago plays in the city, IT Dunedin is not only cutting-edge but offers real-world solutions.

From software and hardware development to fintech and gaming, Dunedin is teeming with established businesses and start-ups alike that are raising New Zealand’s tech profile on the world stage. One area that is seeing particular growth is IT outsourcing, where companies are being founded specifically to assist other businesses – mostly SMEs – with necessary IT solutions.

Considering how necessary it is for modern businesses to keep abreast with the newest technology in order to ensure optimal business functioning and to remain competitive in a highly digitised environment, the value of the services provided by IT outsourcing companies cannot be overstated. It is often incredibly costly for smaller businesses and start-ups to establish an internal IT department, as capital must be set aside for expert salaries, infrastructure, and maintenance. By enabling SMEs to outsource their IT needs to professionals who can provide them with all the necessary support and ensure that their equipment and processes are not only modernised but easily upgradable to continue being relevant in the future, it allows SMEs to grow other parts of their business.

In being at the forefront of tech development, Dunedin companies are helping other sectors across the nation pivot towards functioning successfully in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Companies that help smaller businesses manage IT requirements also help these businesses to grow and develop products that better serve both local and international consumers. In this way, the growth of the IT sector in Dunedin is aiding the economic growth of the country as a whole.