Combining Inbound Marketing And SEO Strategies Vital For Sales Conversions

Thursday 23 June 2022, 10:18PM
By Premium SEO NZ

It used to be that a company could undertake a single, broad marketing campaign that covered
radio, television, and print media, and that would be sufficient to get customers in the door. But
times have changed, and now to remain competitive, businesses both large and small need to invest in all kinds of ways to attract potential customers’ attention and cut through the clamour that consumers are exposed to on a daily basis.

In order to stand out in a world that often appears to be constantly yelling at consumers for their
attention, a smart move is to embrace inbound marketing. Instead of shooting metaphorical
marketing shots in the dark and hoping a potential customer lands on your website or walks into
your store, inbound marketing specifically hones content to appeal to consumers already interested in what you have to offer. This can be done through blog posts that hold answers to specific questions consumers might be asking, social media takes on topical issues, or any number of other means that meet consumers where they’re at and lead them towards your company’s offerings. This process of engagement, in turn, significantly increases your chances of converting consumers’ interest into actual sales.

But inbound marketing really only works best when combined with strategic SEO. Employing
strategies inherent in SEO – like keywords, backlinks, guest posts, and website functionality – to
inbound marketing initiatives works incredibly well, as while the one arm (inbound marketing) offers engaging content that is more likely to encourage niche consumers to see what your company is all about, the other arm (SEO) ensures that this desirous content is highly visible and easily accessible in the first place.

For businesses looking to make inroads into a saturated online marketplace, combining inbound
marketing and SEO strategies is a recipe for success.