Who Can Most Benefit From Talk Therapy? Just About Everyone

Thursday 23 June 2022, 10:39PM
By Premium SEO NZ

There is a pervading misconception that only people with a diagnosed mental illness like anxiety or depression, or who are in serious marital trouble, need to attend regular talk therapy sessions with a psychologist. While it is true that people with particular and severe problems benefit greatly from therapy sessions, psychological care extends much further and can also be used purely for
maintenance purposes.

Indeed, basically everyone at some point or other in their life could benefit from visiting a
psychologist. Oftentimes, people simply need a safe space to talk about struggles or concerns, to
order their thoughts, or to express ideas. We all at times encounter difficult relationships – be they
at work, with family or friends, or in an intimate relationship. We all also find ourselves in states of
transition – moving to a new town, getting married or divorced, taking up a new job opportunity.

And we all come face-to-face with loss and grief in the form of the death of a loved one, regretting
missed opportunities, or having to say goodbye to someone who is moving away.
Seeking out professional assistance from psychologists in Prahran can be a valuable first step in
addressing a broad range of issues and overcoming various problematic behaviours. There is no
mental health concern too big or too small or which cannot be addressed within a talk therapy
session. While many people may shrug off a nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right with
their lives, or may feel like their issues don’t fall into the ‘mental health concern’ category, and so
forgo seeking assistance from a therapist, the reality is that addressing even simple problems or
bouncing off even positive notions with another, objective, person in a safe environment can be
beneficial and promote anyone’s long-term mental health and wellbeing.