Effective SEO Can Help Ecommerce Businesses Grow

Tuesday 28 June 2022, 7:12PM
By Premium SEO NZ

Different businesses and websites require different approaches to search engine optimisation (SEO). For businesses operating ecommerce websites, some aspects like keyword research and backlink creation are the same as for other sites, but in other respects, these sites’ SEO strategies need to have a more honed focus.

Since ecommerce websites generally compete with organic search results, paid ads, and Google Shopping ads, it’s vital that SEO strategies work to list ecommerce pages as high up on search engine results pages (SERPs) as possible in order to generate the most traffic.

One of the primary ways to ensure high SERPs rankings is not to simply apply keywords that are regularly searched for by a target market, but to use words that are most relevant and reflective of the site’s true content. This can be achieved through the inclusion of long-form blog posts, extended product descriptions, and lengthy customer reviews.

Effective ecommerce SEO is, however, not solely reliant on keywords and extended content. A lot of a site’s success relies on how it’s actually built. Ensuring that no page on the site is more than three clicks away from the homepage, and providing easy on-page access for product searches are also vital. The easier it is for users to seamlessly peruse products, navigate between pages, and conduct online transactions, the better for rankings. Another key component is trustworthiness and security, with websites that guarantee secure transactions placing higher than sites that have questionable or less secure transaction services.

To make the most of ecommerce SEO, it is necessary to pay attention to everything from keywords and links to site mapping and security. For businesses struggling to get traffic to their ecommerce sites, it may be necessary to re-evaluate current SEO strategies and update aspects to adhere to best practices so that their sites can rank higher.