A good foundation propels mid-market companies' business growth

Tuesday 12 July 2022, 3:50PM
By Premium SEO NZ


Scaling is different for mid-market companies than for start-ups or large businesses. On the one hand, it’s possible for start-ups to see exponential growth in a short amount of time, thanks to the high-risk, high-reward environment in which they operate. On the other hand, large national or multinational enterprises can rely on their established name and processes to ensure their continued competitiveness.

By contrast, of the three levels, mid-market companies tend to be the most susceptible to stagnation. Mid-level companies are also surrounded by exceptional competition – both horizontally from other mid-range companies, and vertically from rising small-scale competitors from the bottom and established juggernauts hindering upward motion from the top.

In order for mid-market companies to not only remain competitive in their current form, but to scale into larger companies with national or even international reach, it’s imperative for these enterprises to establish a solid foundation long before attempting to scale.

Some of the key components of a good foundation include filling positions with high-quality staff; training staff in preparation for future roles and expansion; investing in technology to streamline processes and future-proof operations; and promoting brand loyalty by nurturing an already-established customer base through practices like rewards programmes, exclusive offers, and exceptional customer care. Expanding marketing approaches and investing deliberately in social media campaigns are a further necessity.

For mid-market companies based in Auckland and looking to scale their operations, profits, or reach, it is also important to invest in external foundation-forming elements that can further prepare them for levelling up, such as business coaching, corporate social responsibility consulting, and big-data market-related analysis. Of these, business coaching in Auckland is essential, as with the help of an expert in scaling mid-level companies, these particular entities have a greater chance of both securing their foundation and successfully scaling when the time comes.