Screen Monitoring Can Be Good For Both Employers And Employees

Wednesday 13 July 2022, 5:11PM
By Premium SEO NZ

Screen-capture data collection can be highly controversial, with some seeing it as an invasion of employee privacy and others deeming it necessary for effective workflow management. Any form of digital employee monitoring – time tracking, keystroke counts, you name it – comes with its fair share of pros and cons. However, gathering screenshot data can prove particularly useful for employers and employees alike. 

It’s one thing to see collated data in the form of graphs and statistics and quite another to support this information with visual evidence from actual screenshots. Indeed, screen monitoring software can provide valuable real-time visual evidence of employee activity and offer a literal snapshot of what applications workers use, for how long, and in what ways. 

When handled well, such information can help employees see where they might be wasting time. For example, if an employee can see through captured screenshots that they spend a good portion of their day on social media, they are more likely to limit their activity on such sites during work hours in the future. Similarly, if an employer can visually confirm that in order for employees to complete a task, they need to constantly jump between many different applications, they can begin finding ways to streamline processes and help their employees complete tasks more efficiently. 

Screen-grabs can also help in cases of labour disputes or harassment, as they offer further confirmation of the actual events claimed to have taken place. 

Rather than debating in black-and-white terms regarding wholesale use or complete rejection of screen monitoring software, companies would do well to consider, in consultation with their employees, the pros and cons of this particular employee monitoring option to see if and how it might work best for their unique company needs. From there, companies can establish parameters to implement this technology responsibly.