Scrap Car Removal in Otago

Wednesday 7 September 2022, 12:45PM

By WPStudio


Otago car removal
Otago car removal Credit: WPStudio


At Otago Car Removal, we strive to offer our services throughout the Otago region. Whether your vehicle has been damaged or is ready to be scrapped, we can help you sell your junk car. Get the best quotation on your junk vehicle with the help of our wide variety of services, which vary from car removal to car wrecking.

Although it's a popular misconception that a scrap vehicle is worthless, our cash for cars Dunedin service team is ready to dispel that notion. You can now sell the vehicle you once made a substantial investment in for up to $12,000. We provide excellent car wrecking services without any additional hidden costs for your vehicle. To determine how much your vehicle can be sold for, contact us and begin the process.

If you have a vehicle parked idly in your garage and is suitable for nothing, you could sell it to us and earn up to $12,000. We salvage the used parts of your car. Therefore, any make or condition is worth it to us. We offer free car removal services with no towing charges and unforeseen costs, saving you money and time.

We use a variety of methods that might be useful to you. You may always rely on our car wreckers Dunedin Services to provide a same-day pick-up rather than staying with other options. When you call, we answer. Following your acceptance of our quotation for your vehicle, we also provide immediate payment on the spot. We provide top dollar for all vehicle types. Contact us to obtain top cash for your car and properly dispose of it.