Wellington building fire final update

Wednesday 17 May 2023, 2:47PM

By Fire and Emergency New Zealand



Fire and Emergency can confirm the scene of the Loafers Lodge building fire has been handed over to Police.

The handover process was completed on Wednesday afternoon, with Police now the lead agency for the incident.

Region Manager Bruce Stubbs says Fire and Emergency’s fire investigation team will continue to work with Police through the investigation process.

"We’ll keep an Urban Search and Rescue team on scene to assist with any further work that’s required to keep the scene safe as we move into the investigation.

"A big focus now will be on the welfare of our people, particularly our frontline firefighters and Communication Centre staff who were the first responders on Tuesday."

Fire and Emergency will also continue to support the wider community following this incident. For more information on this please visit

This will be the last incident update from Fire and Emergency.