Lollipops have been around since the Cavemen

Wednesday 27 September 2023, 11:34AM

By Kevin Clews


Minnie Mouse Lollipops
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Some things never change
I have always wondered where the humble lollipop came from, Well here at we love a good story and this really explains a lollipop, the word lollipop comes from Northern English words, Lolly meaning tongue and pop meaning slap
An American candymaker patented the term “lollipop” in 1931, the simple joy of licking sweets off a stick was discovered by cavemen thousands of years earlier. Archaeologists have found that honey was one of early man’s staple foods, and also was used to coat and preserve fruits and nuts. Rather than dig into the sticky snacks with their hands, people dipped small pieces of wood and licked the food off: the earliest form of lollipops
The first true lollipops were sold by London street vendors in the 17th century. Handmade and chewable, these were not quite the lollipops of today, but it was on the streets of London that the candies got their name.
Honey has been a favorite sweet treat throughout recorded history and is even mentioned in the Bible. The ancient Egyptians, Arabs and Chinese candied fruits and nuts in honey which was an early form of candy. One of the oldest hard candies is barley sugar which was made with barley grains. People in England and in America ate boiled sugar candy in the 17th century.