Research targets economic impact of famed hydro canal sports fishery

Tuesday 3 October 2023, 1:43PM

By Fish and Game NZ


A study has been launched to assess the economic impact of one of New Zealand’s most popular sports fisheries.

The Mackenzie Basin hydro canal fishery is internationally famed for trout and salmon fishing, owing to its easy roadside access, scenic high-country surroundings and consistent catch of highly prized trophy-sized trout and delicious tasting salmon.

More than 73,000 adults holding a 2022-2023 sports fishing licence will be invited to take part in the email survey to gather information on their spending over the past fishing season.

"Trout and salmon anglers from all corners of New Zealand are regular visitors to the canal fishery, and many dedicated international anglers make targeted trips," says Central South Island Fish & Game chief executive Steve McKnight.

"The economic benefits that canal fishery anglers bring to the Mackenzie Basin community are thought to be substantial."

Fish & Game New Zealand and the University of Otago are collaborating to research the economic impact of the hydro canal fishery on the Mackenzie Basin area.

"We urge anglers to support this research of their much-loved canal fishery by completing the survey," says McKnight.".

The research will be published by August 2024.