Under-resourced Arts Sector

Monday 4 December 2023, 5:58AM

By Expert Briefing


A new report on arts coverage in New Zealand, entitled New Mirrors, has found that the local arts sector is under-resourced and under-valued. Compounding the issue, the decline in arts critics is creating a void where reviews of arts events are concerned, leaving artists without feedback or opportunities to build new audiences, and facing difficulties when applying for future funding. In addition, the report has found that only 3.2% of media coverage in New Zealand pertains to art forms outside of film, music and TV, despite 13.5% of all coverage being arts-focused. This compares poorly to the coverage of sport, which accounts for 25% of all coverage. The report has called for a dedicated fund for arts and culture media projects, along with the creation of an Arts Media Centre to facilitate better relationships between artists and the media.

Full report: