NZ Film Commission's Three-Year Strategy: Reducing Costs and Cancelling Initiatives

Thursday 14 December 2023, 2:46PM

By Expert Briefing


The New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC) has issued a statement regarding its financial outlook for the next few years, outlining four factors that will shape its financial planning: tight fiscal environment, end of COVID-related funding, changes to New Zealand Lottery Grants Board funding, and a reduction in baseline funding from the Ministry for Culture and Heritage.

With less revenue to invest in the sector, the NZFC is looking to reduce costs and modernise its operations to better meet the needs of the film sector.

This includes a proposal to reduce both cost and size of the organisation, and the cancellation of certain initiatives such as the gender scholarship, interactive development grants, and television co-production development.

The NZFC is currently working on its strategy for the next three years and will consult with the industry in January/February 2024 on the future direction of the organisation.