The Beach Activity Book: Encouraging Fun and Environmental Awareness

Wednesday 10 January 2024, 1:46PM

By Expert Briefing


Rachel Haydon
Rachel Haydon Credit: Napier City Council


The Beach Activity Book by Rachel Haydon, General Manager of the National Aquarium of New Zealand, aims to encourage children to engage in fun activities on the beach and appreciate the natural environment.

Featuring 99 ideas for activities, the book also has spaces for users to record their own experiences by adding drawings, photos and writing.

Haydon hopes to inspire scientific enquiry and an appreciation of Maori culture in the beach environment.

Aimed at children and families, the book is the result of activities Haydon did with her own family and hopes to inspire the same joy of exploration in others.

The book will be launched on Thursday 11th January at the National Aquarium of New Zealand.