Amberley and Loburn Fires Extinguished, Swannanoa Under Control

Monday 22 January 2024, 6:05AM

By Expert Briefing



Firefighters have extinguished two large grass fires in Canterbury and are in the final stages of controlling a third, according to Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

The Amberley and Loburn fires have been handed back to landowners after final checks, while fire crews continue to monitor the Swannanoa fire, where approximately 80% of hotspots have been mopped up.

The causes of all three fires are under investigation.

Residents are urged to take extreme care with any activities that could cause a spark, as the fire danger remains elevated despite slightly cooler weather.

All fire permits in the area are suspended until 8am on Monday.

The fire department thanks volunteers, career firefighters, and local communities for their support and cooperation during the fires.