Deb Hayes' Petition Against Removal of 'woman & baby' from Midwifery Council Scope of Practice

Tuesday 30 January 2024, 3:55AM

By Expert Briefing


A petition calling for an investigation into the Midwifery Council's removal of references to women and babies from its revised scope of practice has received over 2,000 signatures.

The council's decision to replace the terms "woman" and "mother" with the broader term "whānau" was opposed by 90% of respondents to a feedback document released in March 2023.

The revised scope, released late last year and due to be implemented in June 2024, has barely changed from earlier versions.

Midwife Deb Hayes, who initiated the petition, said the proposed revised scope is not "fit for purpose as it is written" and added that there has been a growing trend to use "gender-neutral language" in health services.

Petition of Deb Hayes: Investigate Midwifery Council’s removal of ‘woman & baby’ from Scope of Practice