Heavier Trucks in New Zealand May Benefit Roads and Reduce Emissions

Thursday 8 February 2024, 12:41PM

By Expert Briefing


Dom Kalasih, interim CEO of Transporting New Zealand.
Dom Kalasih, interim CEO of Transporting New Zealand. Credit: Transporting New Zealand

Heavier and longer trucks in New Zealand do not ruin the roads and may actually be cleaner and greener, according to Dom Kalasih, interim CEO of Ia Ara Aotearoa Transporting New Zealand.

Despite road user charges being calculated on a crude axle-weight basis, heavier trucks are actually overcharged compared with lighter vehicles.

Kalasih encouraged the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency to focus on building enough roading capacity to handle the nation's growing freight requirements.

Heavier trucks could also reduce congestion and decarbonisation, with the International Road Transport Union estimating they can reduce carbon emissions by up to 35% compared to standard trucks.