New Zealand Citizen Covid-19 Inquiry Releases Terms of Reference and Seeks Funding

Saturday 10 February 2024, 3:02AM

By Expert Briefing


Credit: NZCCI

The New Zealand Citizen Covid-19 Inquiry (NZCCI) has published its terms of reference document, which is available to download from its website, and is appealing for donations to fund the inquiry, with an initial target of $300,000.

The document, which is 32 pages long, contains 203 points, as opposed to 19 points in the New Zealand Royal Commission of Inquiry into Covid.

The NZCCI accuses the government of continuing to pursue the same strategy as the previous government, and says it cannot be trusted to investigate its response to the pandemic.

The NZCCI terms of reference can be downloaded at

Public hearings are expected to start in March 2024. Up to thirty events across New Zealand are expected, from Invercargill to Whangarei. The inquiry is expected to be completed by March 2025.

The inquiry will be conducted by a team of commissioners, investigators, legal practitioners and advisors, science and medical advisors and researchers and administration support. 

The aim of the inquiry is to prove that the New Zealand Labour Government and its various partners commited crimes of professional negligence or criminal malfeasance or misfeasance against the people of New Zealand through its Covid-19 response strategy.

Before presenting the findings in New Zealand, the evidence and case summary will be brought to an international tribunal or court for legal advice. The New Zealand court system will be used to advance a class action suit and criminal case.