Bromhead family teams up for Auckland Softball title bid

Monday 12 February 2024, 11:25AM

By dave worsley


Softball is respected as a sport where families are involved, but the Auckland women’s team for the National Fastpitch Championships at Rosedale Park, North Harbour this week is taking things to another level.

Keen on winning the tournament after being beaten finalists to Hutt Valley in 2021, but having tournaments called off with Covid and weather the Auckland women’s teams has a mother, daughter, plus aunt all selected in the team with grandmother as manager.

It’s the Bromhead family which features daughter, mother, aunt and grandmother.

Tyarn Bromhead-Lealu is 19 and a key player, mother Kyla Bromhead, 39 and Rebecca, 41 is aunt all primed to win the title.

They are also all part of the Waitakere Bears team in the Auckland as well. Grandmother, Fran is the manager of the Auckland team. Tegan Bromhead is the assistant coach and daughter of Fran. 

For Kyla competing in sport with relatives has been a regular occurrence.

“Playing alongside family isn’t new for us, but absolutely proud to be in a position where I can continue to play alongside my family, represent our Auckland softball community, and promote women’s softball.  We have been together with Waitakere Bears for nearly years, and both my sisters and I have also shared the diamond at a national representative level.,” said Kyla Bromhead.

“To have my mum come into the fold with the Auckland women this year as well is awesome, and she has familiarity with the girls selected already so will be an easy transition for all,” said Kyla, who is proud to see her daughter especially excel in the sport.

“Tyarn has truly earnt her selection with strong and consistent performances over the last two seasons in both her own age grade, and the Reserve and Premier competitions.  A personal dream of mine, for a few years now, was to have her join me on the diamond for Auckland Women, and compete alongside me for a starting position.  

My time with the side will inevitably come to an end, and I have been wanting to bring through the next generation to take over behind the mask for the last few years.  It’s even better to have my daughter be one of those people!  I can’t wait to suit up with her, and I know she is amped to wear the Blue jersey for the first time too!”

When it comes to the Auckland women’s side Kyla has a big aim.

“Winning the national title is always the goal, and while we have conceded the last two years, a lot of fight from Auckland will take the diamond this year in chase. Youthful tenacity blended with some experience will make us a worthy competitor, and I would love to be boarding that plane home with some new accessories around the neck,” she said

The Auckland women’s team also has over 10 current or former White Sox players in its ranks as they put in a big effort for the title.

In the men’s teams, the three Enoka brothers, Ben, Campbell and Thomas, as well as plenty of other family connections too and Black Sox too.

They won the title in 2021 and five of the last seen years the tournament has been held.                 

The National Fast Pitch Championships are being held 15-18 February at Rosedale Park, North Harbour.


Auckland Women:

Loran Parker - Ōtāhuhu
Tyla Morrison - Waitākere Bears
Tori Talamahina - Waitākere Bears
Pania Monk - Marist United
Rebecca Bromhead - Waitākere Bears
Shyah Hale - Waitākere Bears
Tyarn Lemalu-Bromhead - Waitākere Bears
Sarahnaruth Pauga - Ōtāhuhu
Logan Moreland - Ōtāhuhu
Katrina Nukunuku - Mt Albert Ramblers
Kyla Bromhead - Waitākere Bears
Beth Reid - Mt Albert Ramblers
Meeki Cooper-Nicola - Waitākere Bears
Ruby Nola - Mt Albert Ramblers
Clover Alapaki - Metro
Coach: Sammi Parks
Assistant Coach: Tegan Bromhead
Manager: Fran Bromhead
Scorer: Priscilla Abraham

Auckland Men (A Team):

Dallas Amai-Tatu - Waitākere Bears
Oscar Clark - Mt Albert Ramblers
Nik Hayes - Mt Albert Ramblers
Max Earley - Mt Albert Ramblers
Harrison Wildbore - Howick
Cole Evans (Captain) - Mt Albert Ramblers
Brock Evans - Mt Albert Ramblers
Rhys Evans - Mt Albert Ramblers
Ben Enoka (Vice Captain) - Auckland United
Campbell Enoka - Auckland United
Thomas Enoka - Auckland United
Floyd Nola - Mt Albert Ramblers
Connor Peden - Mt Albert Ramblers
Ethan Shannon - Auckland United
Liam Twigden - Auckland United
Coach: Nathan Nukunuku
Assistant Coach: Garth Pollard
Manager: Duncan Enoka
Assistant Manager: Dirk McGregor
Scorer: Christine Nukunuku

Auckland Men (B Team):

Kazuki Ishizaki - Auckland United
Cameron Johnson - Auckland United
Jayden Priestley - Howick
Taine Slaughter - Mt Albert Ramblers
Isaac Fletcher (Captain) - Auckland United
Matt Oxley - Waitākere Bears
Brock Attewell - Auckland United
Lewis Jerard - Mt Albert Ramblers
Reuben Topia - Auckland United
Jacob Oxley - Waitākere Bears
Alfons Oveinikovas - Auckland United
Maddix Rice (Vice-Captain) - Mt Albert Ramblers
Oscar Clark - Mt Albert Ramblers
Ryan Earley - Mt Albert Ramblers
Simon McMillan - Mt Albert Ramblers
Leighton Hiko-Smith - Waitākere Bears
Coach: Ricky Earley
Assistant Coach: Kelvin Roberts
Assistant Coach: Hayden Wildbore
Manager: Mark Townley
Scorer: Gwen Fletcher