Revolve Asbestos Spotlights the Importance of Asbestos Awareness Amid Seasonal Changes

Monday 18 March 2024, 1:03PM

By Fabric Digital



In the period leading up to the winter months, Revolve Asbestos, a pioneer in asbestos removal in NZ and specifically asbestos removal in Auckland, underscores the significance of recognising asbestos hazards in older structures. Autumnal home upkeep, DIY undertakings, and winter readiness activities often inadvertently disrupt asbestos-containing materials. This is particularly concerning in the context of asbestos cement cladding, asbestos ceilings, asbestos roofs, pipe lagging, and asbestos insulation—all common in buildings erected before the stringent regulations of the 1980s.

The enduring use of asbestos in various building materials, including the noted asbestos cement cladding and plaster ceilings with asbestos, poses a severe health risk when these materials age or are tampered with. Such actions can release dangerous asbestos fibres into the air, threatening the wellbeing of individuals in affected environments.

The increase in home renovations and structural repairs accompanying the change of seasons amplifies the need for heightened asbestos awareness. Specifically, it's crucial for projects involving the demolition or alteration of structures, where asbestos in ceiling plaster or asbestos cladding might be present, to commence only after a thorough professional assessment. Revolve Asbestos advises property owners to conduct a detailed asbestos survey, particularly for properties built before 1990, to detect asbestos-containing materials before starting any work.

Professional asbestos removal and asbestos testing in NZ stand as critical safeguards to health and safety, ensuring that all asbestos materials are identified and safely removed. Awareness among homeowners and contractors regarding the potential presence of asbestos, especially in plaster ceilings and asbestos or asbestos insulation, is essential to averting inadvertent exposure.

As the cooler season draws near, Revolve Asbestos commits to assisting the community in staying safe and warm, without the looming threat of asbestos exposure. Property owners planning for autumn renovations or gearing up for winter are encouraged to get a comprehensive asbestos assessment..

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Revolve Asbestos leads the field in asbestos testing and removal across Auckland and the broader NZ area, striving to ensure safer residential and commercial spaces. Backed by extensive expertise and a dedication to health and safety, the company provides elite asbestos inspection, testing, and removal services, maintaining the highest levels of safety and regulatory adherence.