How New Zealand Small Businesses Get Domain Names

Friday 31 May 2024, 10:24PM

By Dazzly Website Builder


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Small businesses get domain names as a first-step in the process of getting a website or business email setup. Once you purchase a domain name, such as, then you’re in a position to get a website (example: or an email address (example: Generally, getting a domain name for your business in New Zealand (in comparison to other countries) is very simple and inexpensive. However, it is easy to waste a lot of time and turn a relatively simple task into a chore if you choose a domain registration and management provider that isn’t a good match to your needs. This guide will present our top 5 tips for getting a domain name specifically for small businesses in New Zealand.


Tip #1 – Know Your New Zealand Domain Names

The most common Top Level Domains (TLDs) used by businesses within New Zealand are: – The standard company domain for New Zealand businesses (sole traders and companies). – The standard domain name for New Zealand organisations (such as charities).

.com – Appropriate if your customers are primarily outside of New Zealand. Potentially worth registering as a secondary domain if appropriate for your brand.

.nz – The alternative domain name for New Zealand businesses and organisations, often registered at the same time as the primary domain name (typically, or .com) to ensure that the business name is protected from copycats (even if the domain remains unused but renewed yearly).

.kiwi – A newer, alternative to the .nz domain name. Some people choose to register this as an additional protection for their business name. – A maori organisation focused domain name that is specific to New Zealand. – A school/education focused domain name that is specific to New Zealand.


#2 – Don’t just look at the Cost of The Domain

Rather than focusing on the register or renewal cost (look out for that – these sometimes can differ!) – it is more important to look at any restrictions placed on the domain name. Will you be able to change ‘domain record settings’ (DNS) and more importantly, will you have access to quality local kiwi customer support? What is the exiting reputation or word on the street about this provider? Try to ask around where possible because in our experience the level of customer support from on-shore and off-shore providers varies greatly. Always choose a quality New Zealand Domain Name provider.


#3 – Can you connect the domain to your website and email?

In addition to checking that you can actually use your domain name freely, it is also important to have a rough plan in mind for the website and email hosting service that you will be using. Once again, choosing New Zealand based providers is key, and while that does limit your options a little, there are still extremely modern New Zealand website builder options available that offer domain management and email hosting services as an all-in-one. As always, customer support is key, so if in doubt, we recommend placing a phone call to their local number and getting a first-hand experience for the customer support that they offer. A key question is how they handle new and existing domain names and how easy it is to move your domain name to them, and whether it actually makes sense for you to do that. A quality New Zealand website and domain services provider that cares about your business and customer support will consider your situation and take the time to give you this information up-front.


#4 – Getting in early counts

No matter what your plan for getting a custom email address, domain or website for your small business. It is vital that, as soon as you decide your business name, that you register a domain, typically a one, as early as possible. Ideally, you would also put a very simple website design on the website, but for the moment, that can wait. Just by simple purchasing your domain name, you are building up the beginnings of your online profile. The date that you registered this domain name is public information and used by search engines to rank your website and email reputation in the long-term (but that is another  topic for another article). In short, regardless of your specific plans, getting in early, and even just purchasing and reserving/securing your domain name is an extremely smart move.


#5 – Alternative Top Level Domains





The primary consideration for using an alternative style domain name is the effect that it will have on the perception of your business. If you’re an architect or designer, having a modern, trendy domain name for your small business website such as – www.myarchitectbusiness.consultant or – these may be trendy URLs but is there any potential for them to confuse your customer (or the decision maker?). Not everyone is familiar with these new trendy top level domain names, so proceed with caution. But if your customers and external stakeholders and savvy, then these can be a great way to boost the modernness of your brand at the first impression.



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