Dalziel welcomes public registers report

Tuesday 19 February 2008, 4:28PM
By Lianne Dalziel

Associate Justice Minister Lianne Dalziel welcomed the tabling of the Law Commission’s report on public registers in Parliament today.

“The report marks a significant milestone in the review of New Zealand’s privacy law by the Law Commission,” Lianne Dalziel said.

“My interest in privacy law dates back to the passage of the Privacy Act 1993 when, as a member of the Justice and Law Reform Select Committee, I heard submissions on the Bill and I have recently been given responsibility for the privacy law area as Associate Minister of Justice.

“Privacy law constantly strives to find the right balance between public access to information and protection of personal information. The report will be a valuable contribution to the understanding of those seeking to find that balance.”

The government will be considering the Law Commission’s recommendations when the review is completed with the release of the final report next year.

Background on the review

The Law Commission is conducting a comprehensive review of New Zealand’s privacy law examining the underpinnings and architecture of privacy law in New Zealand, considering privacy values, analysing international trends, and looking at the impact of technology on people’s privacy.

For more information on the review view the Law Commission website here