Invercargill EUFA Recovery Road Show

Tuesday 11 March 2008, 10:35AM
By Exposing Unacceptable Financial Activities


EUFA RECOVERY ROAD SHOW will be held in Invercargill on Friday 14 March at the Invercargill Working mens Club 1 54 Esk Street Invercargill at 10am.

Gray Eatwell, Southland Farmer who has an ongoing dispute with the BNZ will be the main speaker. Co founder and Secretary of EUFA Jim McSoriley will be a panellist at the Invercargill meeting. Southland has been a very badly effected area with investors losing several million of dollars.

The meeting is to bring investors together, give an overview of the EUFA organisation bringing people power out in the open. EUFA goals are to seek recovery for investors whose losses have come from an out of control finance industry.

Poor governance and lack of accountability of from Directors down has gone on long enough and it is becoming evident that the victims need to see the New Zealand laws enforced.

Investors who invested in the less publicised collapse finance companies to Bridgecorp and Blue-Chip are encouraged to attend the meeting to begin a way forward.

Suzanne Edmonds said “It is all to common that investors communicating with EUFA are stating they feel isolated and alone and many are unable to afford legal advice” Mrs Edmonds added “We must find these people an effective remedy as it is a basic human right of which seems to be forgotten by the powers that be”