Government firing line in Invercargill

Monday 31 March 2008, 10:02AM
By Exposing Unacceptable Financial Activities


Invercargill EUFA RECOVERY ROAD SHOW was held inSouthland yesterday with around 80 investors

The Investors who attended were tied up in most ofthe finance company collapses including
Bridgecorp, Five star, and Blue-Chip.

In follow up meetings following the main meeting,with smaller groups including a Blue Chip meeting,
it was evident that the suffering and pain is as deep seated in Southland as it is in the far
North. The people supported EUFA Spokesman Gray Eatwell in his constant stance that the Government
must govern.

Mrs. Suzanne Edmonds, Coordinator of EUFA said,"At every meeting people ask what the government
are doing - that's their main question followed by a plea for help 'What can we do?'. This plea for
help is heart wrenching - we are seeing examples of this in the media almost everyday at the moment
and this cant be ignored any longer bypoliticians"

Mr. Gray Eatwell Southland farmer and Financespokesman for EUFA was the main speaker. He told
the meeting that the Government has obligations to protect hard working "savers" of New Zealand. He
said " You people here today are not investors,you are New Zealand's hard working kiwi savers"
... Investors play the share market and such like.. I bet you wanted your money safe didn't

The audience overwhelming nodded as they paid firm attention to Mr. Eatwells speech.

Mr. Eatwell delivered some undisputable facts. He quoted directly from a letter written to him by the Minister of Commerce, Ms Lianne Dalziel when she was Commerce Minister first time around before
her fall from grace.

11 Aug 2003
"Strengthening corporate governance and improving
the ethical behavior of New Zealand businesses is
a key objective of this government, ...........As
far as remedies are concerned, whilst the
government does have the power to employ remedies
under legislation such as the Corporations
(Investigation and Management) Act 1989 and the
Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989, these are
only used in extraordinary cases where other
lawful remedies are either unavailable or will be

Mr. Eatwell added, " If the Government had
delivered on this commitment you wouldn't be here
today because you wouldn't have lost your savings
to this reckless or fraudulent industry ... these
are "extraordinary cases" .

The attentive audience broke into murmur showing an over whelming agreement with Mr Eatwell.

Mr. Eatwell promised the audience to continue to deliver what was becoming an overwhelming message
from individuals who had written to him and spoken to him and other EUFA executives in recent weeks.

Mrs. Edmonds invited the audience to write to EUFA with their stories; she ensured them that
confidentially would prevail. She said "we need your stories as we are your voice, we deliver your
message and on your behalf we bring People Power to the fore, instead of you all feeling so alone
and helpless."

The Minister of Commerce, Ms Lianne Dalziel has committed to address Investors at the final EUFA
RECOVERY ROAD SHOW meeting being held in Wanganui on 23 April 2008