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Fire Restrictions Lifted Open Fire Season Starts Soon
Thursday 17 April 2008, 2:06PM
By Franklin District Council


After one of the driest summers in the District’s history, which included a month long fire ban, Franklin District Council is lifting the restricted fire season. From Thursday 24 April, an open fire season will be in force and permits for fires in the open are no longer required (with the exception of the Mangatawhiri Swamp area where a year round restricted fire season is in place).

Franklin District Council would like to thank all those who applied for and complied with fire permits during a dangerously dry fire season.

“Close to 500 people applied for permits, the highest number I can ever remember dealing with. Thank you to everyone for applying for permits and for the strong compliance and support during the total fire ban in February,” says Franklin District Council’s Principal Rural Fire Officer Andy Baker.

Even though the restrictions have been lifted, people still have a responsibility to follow common sense practices when lighting fires in the open. Remember the basic rules when lighting any fire:

Always make sure the fire is in a safe place away from buildings, other vegetation, powerlines and boundaries with neighbouring properties.

It is illegal to burn plastics, rubber, synthetics and green vegetation.

Always ensure there will not be any smoke or odour nuisance to neighbours

Never leave a fire to burn unattended – even in colder conditions, fire can spread quickly and unpredictably.

Keep the fire to a manageable size.

If things get out of hand or a fire is a danger to people or property – Call 111.