Kiwis On Ice

Tuesday 6 May 2008, 3:20PM
By Blade Sports

Ice Skating sports have long been the treasure of the Northern Hemisphere. Ask any Canadian, Ger-man, Swede, or Dutchman what he likes best about winter. Answers like ice skating, Speed Skating, Ice Hockey and Curling features at least in his top five. It appears that despite the predicated as-sumption of the imminent global warming doom, that ice skating sports is growing in leaps and bounds, all over the world. People just love the novelty of skating on ice. Dubai is even installing ice!

Artificial ice surfaces are becoming easier to install, and more economical to operate. Having a com-munity ice rink is now a reality in reach of the local adrenaline hungry Kiwi skater in Nelson, Franklin and Kapiti. We certainly have the talent and the lust for the speed and contact of sports like Ice Hockey. Grant Hay (Chairman of AIHA), will testify to his Auckland Ice Hockey Association’s frustra-tion every season, trying to accommodate new entrants in the fast growing sport, with limited access to facilities.

The New Zealand capital Wellington doesn’t even have a rink! Kerry Prendergast (Mayor of Wellington) has committed to address this with priority, and with Blade-Sports’ help.

Hendrik van Wyk from Blade-Sports Ltd, himself a keen ice hockey player, has had enough of the ice shortage down-under. It is time that New Zealanders step up to the international plate. He decided to act. Over the last three years he and his company invested many hours investigating multiple options to address the Kiwi ice shortage. With the help of Canadian friends, he worked out the most eco-nomical and business viable configuration for the typical Kiwi community ice rink.

Blade-Sports’ first rink is due to be installed in Franklin, just south of Auckland with an opening date set for early 2009. They already have further projects in the pipeline for Wellington, Auckland North Shore, and Hamilton.

The Company came up with a novel way for individuals and businesses in a community to help fund and benefit financially from the installation of their rink. Hendrik and his associates are now calling on all skating enthusiasts the world over, and particular in New Zealand. If you are looking for a good investment return, and support the growth of ice skating sports like Ice Hockey in New Zealand, then please pledge your support for Kiwis to get their own ice.

A mere $2,000 or more, investment in a Blade-Sports community skating Arena gets you a 10% re-turn, advertising space online and at the rink, and an VIP Skating pass! Most importantly, it invests in New Zealand’s Olympic skating potential, and a Blade-Sports Ice Arena near you. You can make it possible to put more Kiwis on ice.