BUSINESS Launches RSS Feeds And Tagging

Thursday 12 June 2008, 12:08PM
By Matthew Harman

New Zealand's leading personal finance website today rolled out a major upgrade.

Guide2's mission is to provide New Zealand consumers with a comprehensive window into the world of personal finance -- and part of that is making information really easy to find.

"We've added granular tagging to all of the articles on Guide2, to give users an easy way to delve deeper into virtually any money related topic" said Guide2 founder, Matthew Harman.

More than 1,000 topic, organisation, company and person tags have already been created, with dozens more added every day.

Topics like KiwiSaver or Gross Domestic Product now have their own sections and so do individual businesses (ie: Vodafone) and people (ie: Michael Cullen).

In addition, each section now has an associated RSS feed, giving readers the option of keeping up to date on topics that interest them, via their favorite feed reader.

Guide2 is also encouraging website owners to use its RSS feeds to publish headlines on their own sites.

"This is a service that we're offering for free to publishers and is a great way for them to offer relevant and highly targeted content to their readers" said Harman.

Guide2 is owned by Wellington based online publisher, Digital Advance.