George FM DJ Peter Urlich is a proud supporter of Trevf�s superior breed of apparel George FM DJ Peter Urlich is a proud supporter of Trevf�s superior breed of apparel CREDIT: Trio Communications
Graphic designer Marcus Marshall created Trevf to remind us of the un-PC world we once lived in. Graphic designer Marcus Marshall created Trevf to remind us of the un-PC world we once lived in. CREDIT: Trio Communications

New kiwi clothing brand keeps you looking your best

Tuesday 1 July 2008, 1:34PM
By Trio Communications
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New kiwi clothing company Trevf has braved the sleet hail and man eating sasquatches of the local boozer to bring you a superior breed of apparel.

Whether it be the Cook Strait or the English Channel Trevf will cross them is his GRUTS to keep you looking your best.

Trevf’s new range of tees launched this month at online store

This new clothing brand is all about bridging the gap between young and old, blue collar and aristocrats, marmite and vegemite, and Heineken and Double Brown, to deliver a unique style for all New Zealanders.

Trevf was an initiative created by Central Hawkes Bay brothers Marcus (27) and Tim (25) Marshall to remind people of the un-PC world we once lived.

“I think things were just a bit looser back then, now we have rules for everything! Soon we’ll be filling out forms to walk to the corner dairy,” says Marcus, Trevf’s graphic designer.

Marcus admits Trevf is not your average, run-of-the-mill clothing brand simply placing prints on tees.

“Trevf is an attitude that says we don’t mind having a laugh at ourselves. There is real meaning behind our brand – we are not just taking a name and slapping it on a tee and making it look pretty. Although we do look pretty,” Marcus laughs.

“I wanted to have some fun and create a brand and range of products most New Zealanders could relate to. Trevf is for all the guys and girls who grew up when mullets were the norm, the moustache was prolific, the summers were long and hot and underarm bowls were a rife topic of conversation.”

While Trevf is currently a clothing brand, Marcus admits there are other ideas for merchandise in the pipeline.

“We are very new to the scene though so the other merchandise is yet to hit the online store. We want to eventually have a quality clothing line backed by a range of other products that tie in with the Trevf concept so watch this space.”

The Trevf dream is to one day own a fleet of Trevf branded HQ Holdens for work cars, establish a three day working week for all employees, brew high quality Trevf ale and serve it super chilled in their own in-house bar, where the dress code is stubbies, wife- beater and jandals.


Background Information

Marcus Marshall (27) had a rather colourful and erratic tertiary education. He completed two years in Landscape Architecture at Lincoln University before following a more graphic pursuit. His passion for graphic design led him to complete three years at the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology where he graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Design majoring in Visual Communications.

Marcus has since freelanced for various design companies and worked permanently at Red Cactus Design where he worked on classic iconic kiwi brands such as Pascalls, Griffins biscuits and ETA chips. He moved to London in 2007 where he began freelancing at several London design studios.

His younger brother Tim (25) is running the marketing and distribution of Trevf in New Zealand. Tim is currently an aircraft engineer in the Royal New Zealand Air Force based at Whenuapai base in West Auckland. Marcus and Tim are the two middle brothers in the Marshall family of four boys who grew up on a farm just outside of Waipukurau.

Check out Trevf’s latest designs at