New Zealand World Cyber Games 2008 Team New Zealand World Cyber Games 2008 Team CREDIT: World Cyber Games New Zealand

NZ World Cyber Games a success

Monday 14 July 2008, 6:15AM
By World Cyber Games New Zealand


Nearly 800 competitors battled around the clock this weekend for a place on the New Zealand team for the 2008 World Cyber Games.


Held over three days at the TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre, the New Zealand World Cyber Games Qualifiers provided Kiwi gamers the chance to represent New Zealand at the e-sports equivalent of the Olympic Games.


xLAN Limited World Cyber Games New Zealand Strategic Partner Managing Director Susan Baikie, says the standard was extremely high, showing the growth in popularity of e-sport in New Zealand.


“The World Cyber Games Qualifier this weekend was hugely successful, and we have the strongest team ever ready to compete internationally.


“A team of 19 winning gamers from the New Zealand World Cyber Games will compete against 12 other Asia Pacific countries in Singapore this August, and Cologne, Germany in November for the Grand Final of the 2008 World Cyber Games.”


New Zealand World Cyber Games 2008 team:

* Feroz ‘evolution’ Brouwer (Team Sidewinder)
* Bruce ‘infidel’ Lodge (Team Sidewinder)
* Nick ‘ninjanick’ Shaw (Team Sidewinder)
* Byron ‘simcore’ McLean (Team Sidewinder)
* Ryan ‘toonz’ Campion (Team Sidewinder)
* Hamish ‘kowi’ Parker
* Connagh ‘IZeRo” Heath (Team Sidewinder Flowen)
* Kurtis ‘KurtiZ’ Papple (Team Sidewinder Flowen)
* Ozz ‘Proddd’ Buitendyk (Team Sidewinder Flowen)
* Ben ‘Zeth’ Price (Team Sidewinder Flowen)
* Pejmon ‘Pablo’ Barzandeh
* Lorance ‘Escobar’ Taylor (MidCity Procision)
* Jeremy ‘jerm_nz’ Macdonald (MidCity Procision)
* Slava ‘slavOuchka’ Sheynin (MidCity Procision)
* Nick ‘Veteran-in-Love’ Catley (MidCity Procision)
* David ‘Wytaliba’ Ashwell (MidCity Procision)
* Patrick ‘ssj2vegrick’ Cullinan
* Mason ‘massi4h’ Maddox
* Austin ‘wugga’ Sedgwick


New Zealand World Cyber Games Grand Final Qualifiers results:


Counter Strike 1.6 (PC)

Winner: Team Sidewinder (Members: Feroz ‘evolution’ Brouwer; Bruce ‘infidel’ Lodge; Nick ‘ninjanick’ Shaw; Byron ‘simcore’ McLean and Ryan ‘toonz’ Campion)

2nd place: diving Gaming

3rd place: etu


Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (PC)

Winner: Hamish ‘kowi’ Parker

2nd place: Chase ‘FiZiX’ Barnes

3rd place: Jason ‘Snoop’ McCartney


Halo 3 (Xbox 360 - 4v4)

Winner: Team Sidewinder Flowen (Members: Connagh ‘IZeRo” Heath; Kurtis ‘KurtiZ’ Papple; Ozz ‘Proddd’ Buitendyk; Ben ‘Zeth’ Price)

2nd place: DM

3rd place: Warbound


New Zealand World Cyber Games PAN Asia Qualifiers results:


FIFA 2008 (PC)

Winner: Pejmon ‘Pablo’ Barzandeh

2nd place: Shahn ‘Fobski’ Harris

3rd place: Alex ‘Daman88’ Lam


DOTA All-Stars (PC)

Winner: MidCity Procision (Members: Lorance ‘Escobar’ Taylor; Jeremy ‘jerm_nz’ Macdonald; Slava ‘slavOuchka’ Sheynin; Nick ‘Veteran-in-Love’ Catley; David ‘Wytaliba’ Ashwell)

2nd place: MidCity Passion for Fashion

3rd place: MidCity Mmm I Dunno…


Need for Speed Pro-Street (PC)

Winner: Patrick ‘ssj2vegrick’ Cullinan

2nd place: Carl ‘EVO_X’ Sulzberger

3rd place: Jason ‘Dingardo’ Biddick


Guitar Hero III (Xbox 360)

Winner: Mason ‘massi4h’ Maddox

2nd place: Thomas ‘DarkJyn’ Clarke

3rd place: Owain ‘Welshman’ Metcalfe


Virtua Fighter 5 (Xbox 360)

Winner: Austin ‘wugga’ Sedgwick

2nd place: Mark ‘Markuchi’ Payne

3rd place: Paul ‘DogcowNZ’ Dickinson



More than $100,000 worth of prizes provided by Worldwide sponsor Samsung Electronics and New Zealand major sponsor TelstraClear, Worldwide Premier Sponsor Xbox 360, ASUS and Demon Energy are up for grabs. Other partners include PC World (Official Media), The Edge Radio Station (official Radio Station) and PlayTech (Official Game PC Supplier).