Minister reminds of changes in scallop season

Monday 14 July 2008, 11:34PM
By Hon Jim Anderton

Fisheries Minister Jim Anderton is reminding recreational scallop fishers in the northern half of the North Island that the scallop season now opens on 1 September.

The new season applies to the area stretching from Tirua Point, south of Kawhia Harbour in northern Taranaki around Cape Reinga and then down the east coast to Cape Runaway near East Cape.

In 2007 the season for scallops on the north-east coast of the North Island was shifted from 15 July to 14 February each year to the new season of 1 September – 31 March.

This was in response to a proposal from the New Zealand Recreational Fishing Council that the fishing season be shifted due to scallops being in poor condition at the start of the season and in very good condition at the end of the fishing season.

“An unfortunate consequence of this change in season was confusion amongst recreational fishers surrounding the separate seasons between the east and west coasts and when they could and couldn’t fish for scallops.”

“To remove any confusion the scallop season for the west coast has been shifted to match the season on the east coast and will open on 1 September this year.”

Jim Anderton said fishers needed to make sure they know the bag limits, size limits and seasons before they go fishing.

“These rules are in place to make sure the scallops have a chance to spawn and provide scallops to catch in the future.”

A temporary prohibition on the taking of scallops remains in place for the Kaipara Harbour until 14 September 2008 to help rebuild stocks.

More information on the recreational fishing rules for the northern North island is available at this link: