Wind energy is here to stay Wind energy is here to stay CREDIT: E Sime Group Ltd
Wind energy is here to stay Wind energy is here to stay CREDIT: E Sime Group Ltd

Revolutionary Technology for wind energy now in New Zealand

Thursday 7 August 2008, 4:43PM
By E Sime Group Ltd


The Honourable Trevor Mallard will be launching the first Proven Energy Wind Turbine by throwing the switch on a 6kw unit installed at the premises of E Sime Group Ltd in Seaview, Lower Hutt on Friday afternoon, 8 August 2008.

The Proven range of small wind turbines uses revolutionary technology in their unique downwind, self regulating blades which are manufactured out of glass polypropylene, the same material as used in Formula 1 racing cars. This provides the advantages of being very strong, quiet, more flexible than carbon fibre and is erosion proof.

Proven turbines have been designed and built in Scotland for over 20 years to withstand harsh and extreme weather conditions, They are recognised as the world’s leading supplier of small scale turbines and units have been installed worldwide. Today they can be found in such places as the North Sea oil rigs, and ranging from the tip of Alaska to Antarctica.

New Zealand is one of those unique countries that has significant wind changes, both in speed and direction. Hence the Proven unit has considerable advantages over those produced in countries where there tends to be a constant wind speed, coming from a constant direction.

The Proven unit will produce power in winds as low as 8kph and are so robust they will continue to perform in wind speeds in excess of 250 kph. Units have run during hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones, in sites around the world whilst still outputting their maximum power.

The fact that snow and ice will not adhere to the turbine blades has enabled units to be fitted on ski fields where they power ski lifts.

There are many advantages for people today to consider investing in wind turbines.

protecting themselves from future power price increases
protecting the environment and cutting down on NZ’s carbon footprint
becoming less dependent upon the national grid, particularly during dry years when water levels are too low to sustain full power production
supporting the country by helping to maintain water levels in the lakes for use when the wind is not blowing
supporting the push towards the target of 90% renewable energy by 2020
reliability and proven performance with nearly 2,000 turbines commissioned world wide in all types of terrain

E Sime Group Ltd who are the importers of the Proven wind turbines, are a third generation family business, where their family name has been over the door for 85 years. They have a tradition of being at the cutting edge by providing New Zealanders the opportunity to buy tomorrows products today. Having been the first to import car safety belts, mag wheels, sports steering wheels, air horns and quartz halogen bulbs, all of which are standard equipment on many motor vehicles today, they continued to import other products in a wide range of fields, all of which are world leaders in their field. Thus the Proven brand readily fits into their product selection philosophy of wanting to offer New Zealanders the world’s leading products at affordable prices.

Tecnico Site Services Ltd who will install the Proven units throughout New Zealand, are a maintenance company with many years of experience in remote and standby power supplies, especially within lighthouse and telecommunication sites. This work led to unparalleled expertise within the solar and wind energy environment, resulting their becoming market leaders in renewable energy installations.

Currently 3 models are available.

A 2.5kw unit which is ideal for individual houses, small farms or remote telephone monitoring stations.
A 6kw unit, which is the unit E Sime Group Ltd have at their premises, is ideal for large homes, 2-3 standard houses, small businesses, farms or agricultural purposes.
A 15kw unit, is designed for farms, businesses, hotels, groups of 6-8 houses, wind crofting or general power supply.

With prices starting from $24,000 plus installation and towers from 6.5m through to 25m height, there is a small turbine available for every possible application.

Further details are available on:  or by emailing or Tel.04 562 7192.