RS:X Windsurfing Preview: Racing starts today

Monday 11 August 2008, 1:08PM
By Yachting New Zealand

Tomorrow, Monday, racing starts for four more New Zealand sailors with the Men’s and Women’s wind surfing and the Men’s 470 set to get underway. 

Windsurfers Barbara Kendall and Tom Ashley will be on the water for day one of competition in the Men’s and Women’s RS:X events – both fleets are scheduled to sail two races each starting at 1 o’clock on course A off the main break wall at Qingdao.

The windsurfers, like the majority of other classes, will sail a ten race series to decide the top ten who progress to the final deciding medal race. The windsurfing medal races will be sailed ten days from now on Wednesday 20th August, with four rest or reserve days built into the programme.



New Zealand’s Representative

Barbara Kendall, NZL
Yacht Club: Bucklands Beach, Auckland, New Zealand
Age: 40 years (Turns 41 on 30 August)
Weight: 58kg
Height: 1.68m
ISAF Ranking: 7
• China will be Kendall’s 5th Olympic Games
• Gold in Barcelona ’92, Silver in Atlanta ’96, Bronze in Sydney ’00, 5th in Athens ‘04
• 8 World Championship Medals including 3 Gold. Silver in ’08
• 6th at 2007 Olympic Test Event

Some top contenders…

Marina Alabau, ESP
Yacht Club: Unknown
Age: 22 years - Turns 23 on 31st August
Weight: 55kg
Height: 1.64m
ISAF Ranking: 1
• Olympic Debut
• 2 World Championships medals – bronze in ’08, Takapuna & bronze in silver in ’06 Italy
• Current European Champion
• 10th at 2007 Olympic Test Event

Faustine Merret, FRA
Yacht Club: Crocodiles de l'Elorn, BREST, France
Age: 30 years
Weight: 54kg
Height: 1.63m
ISAF Ranking: 6
• China will be Merret’s 2nd Olympic Games
• Reigning Olympic Champion, gold Athens 2004
• Numerous World Championship medals (4th in ’08, Takapuna)
• 4th at 2007 Olympic Test Event

Alessandra Sensini, ITA
Yacht Club: Unknown
Age: 38 years
Weight: 55kg
Height: 1.7m
ISAF Ranking: 11
• China will be Sensini’s 5th Olympic Games
• 7th in Barcelona ’92, Bronze in Savannah ’96, Gold in Sydney ’00 & Bronze in Athens ‘04
• 6 World Championship medals including 4 World titles
• Reigning World Champion, Takapuna

Zofia Klepacka, POL
Yacht Club: Unknown
Age: 22 years
Weight: 59kg
Height: 1.7m
ISAF Ranking: 2
• China will be Klepacka’s 2nd Olympic Games
• 12th in Athens ‘04
• World Champion in ‘07

Olga Maslivets, UKR
Yacht Club: Donetsk Sport School
Age: 30 years
Weight: 62kg
Height: 1.7
ISAF Ranking: 4
• China will be Maslivet’s 3rd Olympic Games
• 23rd in Sydney ’00, 18th in Athens ‘04




New Zealand’s representative:

Tom Ashley, NZL
Yacht Club: Takapuna Boating Club
Age: 24 years
Weight: 70kg
Height: 1.88m
ISAF Ranking: 9
• China will be Ashley’s 2nd Olympic Games
• 10th place at the 2004 Olympic Games
• Current World Champion, Takapuna ’08, plus silver medal at WC ‘06
• Winner of the 2007 Olympic Test Event
• Numerous Grade 1 wins in ’07 & ‘08

Some top contenders…

Ricardo Santos, BRA
Yacht Club: Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro
Age: 28 years
Weight: 70kg
Height: 1.85m
ISAF Ranking: 12
• China will be Santos’ 3rd Olympic Games
• 4th in Athens 2004, 15th in Sydney 2000
• Three World Championship Medals (gold in ’07, silver in ’05 &’02 – Mistral)
• 9th at 2007 Olympic Test Event

Shahar Zubari, ISR
Yacht Club: Apoel eilat
Age: 21 years
Weight: 66kg
Height: 1.77m
ISAF Ranking: 14
• Olympic Debut
• Bronze medal at ’08 World Championships, Takapuna
• 14th at the 2007 Olympic Test Event

Nick Dempsey, GBR
Yacht Club: Castle Cove / Portland Sailing Acadamy
Age: Turns 28 on 13th August 2008
Weight: 70kg
Height: 1.8m
ISAF Ranking: 8
• China will be Nick Dempsey’s 3rd Olympic Games
• Bronze Medal in Athens 2004, 16th in Sydney 2000 (Mistral)
• 3rd at ’07 World Championships
• 11th at 2007 Olympic Test Event

Casper Bouman, NED
Yacht Club: Jumpteam Scheveningen, den haag, Netherlands
Age: 22 years
Weight: 79kg
Height: 1.93m
ISAF Ranking: 5
• Olympic Debut
• 2006 World Champion

Przemyslaw Miarczynski, POL
Yacht Club: Sopot Sailing Club
Age: Turns 29 on 26th August
Weight: 78kg
Height: 1.85m
ISAF Ranking: 1
• China will be Miarczynski’s 3rd Olympic Games
• 5th in Athens ’04, 8th in Sydney 2000
• 5 World Championship medals (3 silver, 1 gold, 1 bronze) (Mistral & RS:X)

Joao Rodrigues, POR
Yacht Club: Centro de Treino de Mar - Madeira
Age: 36 years
Weight: 69kg
Height: 1.78m
ISAF Ranking: 2
• China will be Rodrigues’ 4th Olympic Games
• 7th in Atlanta 1996, 18th in Sydney 2000, 6th in Athens 2004
• Silver at ’08 World Championships
• 4th at 2007 Olympic Test Event