Government announces new directions for health workforce

Wednesday 1 October 2008, 6:58PM
By David Cunliffe

The Minister of Health, David Cunliffe has yesterday announced key new government policies in health workforce planning.


"Tonight I am announcing a new policy direction towards a more integrated, whole of system approach to workforce planning." said Mr Cunliffe.


"Workforce investment makes up two thirds of all investment in health so it is critical we get it right."


"Cabinet has agreed that the Ministry of Health will have the coordinating role on workforce planning across the sector .Workforce planning must be done nationally building on the work being done by the country's district health boards."


"The Ministry will also ensure the work of related bodies and agencies like the Medical Training Board, the Clinical Training Agency, the Doctors Workforce Commissions and the Midwife and Maternity Strategic Advisory Committee are well integrated into a whole system of workforce planning," said Mr Cunliffe.


"In this way we can take a long term planned approach to meet workforce demand in the future."


Mr Cunliffe said he was also keen to see immediate action on priority needs where that was possible. "We will look at improving the retention of International medical graduates, increasing the number of funded GP registrar places and post graduate education for midwives."


"Other priorities include exploring debt relief schemes and regional placements for junior doctors as well as career pathways for care and support workers."


"The government will also support the processes of the Medical Training Board

subject to the Budget process. "