Where is the Economy going?

Tuesday 21 October 2008, 1:07PM
By Ron Scott


The Consumers Price Index (CPI) increased 5.1% for the year to September 2008 quarter, says Statistics New Zealand.
The annual rate has not been higher since the year to the June 1990 quarter.

ACTs Tauranga candidate Ron Scott, an economist by training, today slammed the Government’s handling of the economy.

The world economy has never been more benign than in the last ten years. And yet New Zealanders have never been more in debt. Now that there is a credit crisis the whole house of cards is falling in.

Why? Because Labour and its coalition partners have taken more than $230 a week off every household over an above inflation to pay for their vote buying promises. Has every household actually got $12 000 a year extra value from the government?

The people of Tauranga can see the value of their houses falling. They can see more empty shops in Devonport Road and the malls around the city. Prices of everyday goods are going up.

And Labour’s solution?

A secret mini –budget after the election.
If taxes go up then superannuation comes down because super is calculated using after tax average wages.
What promises are they going to cut back on?

We need to reduce government spending –not increase it. Give more money in the pocket so that the people can afford to get by.

The Emissions Trading Scheme which raises the price of anything which is transported to your local supermarket, regulations about what nozzle to use in the shower and free spending election promises will not help contain inflation.

Only ACT has the history of saving New Zealand in a time of economic crisis. Now is the time for wise heads.


Ron Scott
ACT Party Candidate for TAURANGA
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