Experts share their passion for flowers and gardens

Tuesday 18 November 2008, 8:56AM
By Auckland Flower Show


Internationally acclaimed landscape designer Andrew Pfeiffer arrives in New Zealand this week to headline the Auckland Flower Show Speaker Series. Andrew has designed gardens in places as diverse as Uruguay, Australia, France and the United States. From waterfalls and artificial lakes, to deserts and jungles, Andrew will share his philosophy of how to create gardens that are “related to reality”.

Also in the international lineup of speakers at the show are Australians Jim Fogarty and Mark Pampling. Jim has been a star of many Melbourne Flower Shows, twice winning the Best in Show Award, and this year he won gold at the Singapore Garden Festival. He will describe his experiences designing show gardens. Floral designer Mark Pampling, another medal winner from the Melbourne Flower Show, will share a journey in botanical creativity, revealing the process of creation from a simple, imaginative spark to a design of wondrous beauty.

In addition to his speaking duties, Mark is collaborating with New Zealander Iain Stephens on a huge floral display for the Auckland Flower Show. Iain also takes a turn on the speakers’ stage, recounting his experiences as an Interflora World Cup representative.

Growing your own food is a key theme at the show. An expert in heritage plants, Kay Baxter, who has collected and grown old fruit trees for the past 25 years, has identified their superior nutritional content. She stimulates us to save our old fruit trees, and harvest their health-giving benefits. Seasoned Flower Show exhibitor Jules Moore will add her perspective on edibles, advising on how to create a garden that looks good and tastes even better. Lynda Hallinan and Jane Wrigglesworth, from NZ Gardener magazine, will focus on fresh herbs, while Andrew Boylan, author of ‘Bring your Garden Alive with Fruit’ and the founder of the ‘incredible edibles’ range, will reveal new and interesting edible plants to grow, including Japanese Raisins and Ice-cream Beans.

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The Auckland Flower Show takes place at Alexandra Park, 20-23 November 2008.