Council Forms Partnership for Waiuku Growth

Tuesday 18 November 2008, 7:51PM
By Franklin District Council


Waiuku has run out of residential land (undeveloped land zoned for residential purposes). In order for Waiuku to grow and thrive, Franklin District Council needs to be planning for growth now.

And that is exactly what Council is doing. Last month Franklin District Council signed an agreement with Matoaka Holdings to start planning for a new residential and recreation area in Waiuku beside Waiuku College. Franklin District Council already has approximately 9 hectares of land next to the Waiuku Rugby Football Club and the Waiuku College tagged for recreational development which makes Council a very active partner in planning for development in this area.

“One of the great things about working together towards growth is that the process involves lots of interactive and informative consultation with the community. Although the public can get involved once a land owner notifies a private plan change to rezone land it is usually after the plans have been drawn up. The more collaborative approach Council is now taking involves engaging with the community long before a plan change is notified,” says Franklin District Mayor, Mark Ball.

Signing the agreement however doesn’t take away any of the resource management process. A fair and consultative process, as required under the Resource Management Act, will still be undertaken.

Once completed, the planning work will release approximately 57 hectares of land for residential development. This should allow for around 100 new homes in Waiuku which should be enough for the next 15 – 20 years. It will also ensure that the new recreational area is well integrated into the growing township.

Franklin District Council will now work with Matoaka Holdings to develop a draft structure plan and a change to the District Plan which they will present to the elected members and members of the community for feedback.