Waiukus New Resource Recovery Complex First for District

Thursday 18 December 2008, 11:47AM
By Franklin District Council


The Waiuku transfer station is being transformed into a Resource Recovery Complex (RRC). The RRC enables and encourages people to think about what really needs to go to landfill and what could be used in another way. That’s not the only good news though - it will also operate more days increasing the level of service Council can provide the community.

“When Council investigated what was going to landfill from the Waiuku transfer station we discovered that around 30% of the material could have been recovered and used in another way. Changing the focus of the transfer station site to a Resource Recovery Complex will increase the range of waste services available, to the benefit of the wider Waiuku community and every ratepayer,” says Franklin District Council’s Group Manager Works and Services, Barry Bergin.

The Waiuku RCC operates by maximising the recovery of items which can be reused or recycled. Over time Council hopes that old dinner sets and furniture can be donated or sold, construction and demolition waste can be recycled and the RCC could even collect material like waste oil and shrink wrap for recycling.

“The Auckland Regional Council has already begun to see the benefits of the Resource Recovery Complex and could in the future fund it as a permanent hazardous waste drop-off point, providing even more service to the wider Waiuku community. We really hope that the RCC is a win for everyone – the community, Council and the environment,” says Barry.

The Waiuku RCC opened on Friday 12 December and you can find out more details about their operation and operation times by calling (09) 235 0540.