3 years at Happy Valley and still no mine

Friday 23 January 2009, 2:09PM


The Save Happy Valley Coalition celebrate the 3rd anniversary of their occupation of the planned site of Cypress Mine at Happy Valley. Despite Solid Energy's plans to strip-mine this spectacular natural area, Happy Valley so far remains a prisitine alpine wetland providing habitat for the great spotted kiwi, and is a significant biodiversity hotspot that is part of New Zealand's natural heritage.
Supporters of the environmental group from across the country will tramp into the valley, north of Westport, tomorrow morning (Saturday 24th), to celebrate three years of keeping the fragile biodiversity of this condemned wetland safe from Solid Energy's bulldozers. Solid Energy CEO Dr Don Elder this week declined an invitation to accompany SHVC in their tramp to Happy Valley.
Save Happy Valley Coalition spokesperson Graham Jury states; "Happy Valley is testimony for the lack of practical policy in place within New Zealand to address the reality of climate change. Anybody can see that strip-mining kiwi habitat for coal is simply crazy. Will New Zealand choose kiwis or coal?"

Contact: Graham Jury
SHVC spokesperson
027 307 0448