Waitakere Football Focused

Wednesday 18 March 2009, 8:03PM

By Waitakere United



In a week when there has been as much talk coming out of Wellington as politicians expense forms, Waitakere United are head down and focusing on the job in hand – winning their NZFC semi final against Team Wellington.


Chris Milicich’s side take a 1-0 lead into the home match of the semi final with the Head Coach confident that provided his players perform to their best, a place in the Grand Final can be theirs by Saturday evening.


“It is important at this time of the year not to be distracted or concerned with issues that either don’t concern you or you can’t control. On Saturday our focus was winning, it didn’t matter how, and we won away from home.


“This is business as usual for us as we concentrate on getting the job done. We have said it all along; Team Wellington is a good side with the potential to beat anyone on their day. However, if we play at our best we believe we are clearly the best team in the league, our results this season back that up, we must now finish the job and make our way through to another Grand Final.


Milicich though is clearly guarding his side against any hint of complacency, knowing that the comfort of home means little in a sudden death game such as Saturday.


“Concentration is vital, before and during the game. We know what we are capable of and how we must combat Wellington’s strengths. This is cup final football and everyone knows the history of upsets in cup finals, we must make sure we don’t fall victim in similar fashion on Saturday by producing a top drawer performance.”


Waitakere United (1) v Team Wellington (0)
Douglas Field, Henderson
Saturday 21 March, 2009
Kickoff: 3pm
Referee: Matt Conger (Palmerston North)


First Leg:
Team Wellington 0 Waitakere United 1 (Roy Krishna 69)
Halftime: 0-0
Newtown Park, Wellington


Head to head: Played 16, Waitakere 10 wins, Wellington 2 wins, 4 draws.
Previous playoff meetings:
2007-08 Grand Final: Waitakere United 2 Team Wellington 0


Waitakere United (two to be omitted)

1 Richard Gillespie (GK)
3 Aaron Scott
4 Tim Myers

Hone Fowler

5 Danny Hay

8 Paul Seaman

9 Benjamin Totori

10 Allan Pearce
11 Neil Sykes
12 Roy Krishna

13 Danko Koprivcic
14 Jeff Campbell
15 Christopher Bale
16 Neil Emblen
17 Jake Butler
21 Kayne Vincent

24 John Chisholm

22 Danny Robinson (GK)